The landscape is shifting hourly as strategic alliances and consolidation mark wholesale changes in the way the industry has operated in the past.

MAINSTREAM ACCESS TO BROADBAND DELIVERY WILL FOREVER CHANGE the way music is delivered to your home, car, headphones, and everywhere else. Digital, wireless, satellite fed distribution is underway. Warner Brothers and EMI/Capitol have the songs, and the shows, and AOL has the pipe. XM is headed into Toyota and Honda. SDMI will resolve the issues of copyright and receipt of compensation so that music fans will be able to retrieve songs, one at a time, and assemble their own albums electronically. Artists will be able to place songs, one at a time, directly to fans and sources never before considered.

THAT RELATIONSHIP, BETWEEN ARTIST AND FAN, is what is changing the most right now. You no longer need to rely on the record company as the primary source of your presence in the consumer world. Now when you release a record it can be a priority for as long as you decide, essentially always. Your catalogue is always active, more readily available, and can always be 'in print'. And you now own your web space, fan base, and an ability to communicate with them daily and directly.

THAT HAVING BEEN SAID, I still believe there are many valuable and powerful efforts that a record company can deliver on your behalf, including retail price, positioning and advertising, distribution and collection, radio/TV/press campaigns, and recording and touring underwriting.

ALTHOUGH MORE AND MORE ARTISTS ARE WORKING INDEPENDENTLY, the opportunity to have access to industry specialists such as product managers, media promotion staffs, artist development departments, A&R managers is still limited when it comes to having a partner to discuss specific ideas, plans and goals.

THIS ADDRESS HAS EVOLVED FROM A GROWING COMMUNITY of artists, managers and record labels who need a place to talk. To ask questions, get another opinion, learn from past history. Establish goals and clarify expectations to better measure forward progress and success. This is a place to discuss the things that will best help you make the right choices.

FROM WHAT I'VE EXPERIENCED FROM YEARS OF PARTICIPATING on industry panels, hosting convention presentations and mentoring sessions, it seems the most helpful information is exchanged one on one at the end of the session. Each artist and record is unique and requires specific discussion about actual situations and plans. Perhaps I can help to lend a different perspective to your particular situation or concern.

THE COMPANY ALSO SERVES AS A CLEARINGHOUSE of information, links and referrals. We are here to discuss your record, perhaps find the best on-air songs, create realistic marketing plans, review media kits, target the right radio campaigns, and hopefully answer your questions. We are in constant communication with radio stations, record companies, retail sales research, booking agents and clubs, and can make referrals for help with graphics, CD manufacturing and legal expertise as needed.