Angels Bend Closer is the first new album in the USA from Jane Siberry in over five years.  Siberry crafts her storytelling while genre skipping through Folk, Gospel, Jazz, R&B, Rock, Electronic, Pop and at times a bit of Celtic.  Her voice is charismatic, vulnerable, soulful, sultry, intimate and powerful, often with an evocative quality that only great singers posses.

When Siberry began crafting Angels Bend Closer, she set a clear goal: connecting with the “wider world.” Instead of going for original and esoteric, Siberry sought renewed mainstream accessibility.

To achieve it, she went in the exact opposite direction: off the grid. Siberry, it turns out, spends most non-winter months living without running water or electricity at her remote North Ontario log cabin.

“It’s so quiet,” she says, “it can actually wake you up sometimes.” It also allows her to tune in Earth’s own symphony—the fantasia of whispering trees, bubbling creeks and forest-animal choruses that informs these songs.

“I decided long ago, that I would trust and take my spiritual guidance from nature,” says Siberry. It inspired her as she meticulously produced each track, then retreated to the hotel room where she spent nights chiseling her musical statements to perfect points. “I speak more directly than I ever have in these songs,” she says. “I took the approach, ‘Time is ticking. Let’s not waste it if we’re going to communicate with each other.’”

And she wanted that message to be “something lush and beautiful and joyful and calming, in a world that’s very ungrounded these days.”

“Angels Bend Closer overall is a tremendously rewarding, enchanting
and uplifting listen. It re-establishes Siberry as one of
the great singers and songwriters of our lifetime.”
Keith Creighton, PopDose