Totally amazing new album from Living Colour, Shade, just out. I’m a huge fan and this sounds like, in some ways, the follow-up to Vivid. The band is rocking harder than I’ve heard in quite a while, with Corey Glover sounding like he’s 25 again. Three strong covers including songs from Robert Johnson, Biggie and Marvin Gaye. The BRC is very much still relevant and still necessary. Strong and important messages, huge drums and aggressive guitars make these songs as powerful as any band coming out of New York could be. Their use of sound bites and interview segments is better than ever. Check out “Preachin’ Blues”, “Program”, “Who Shot Ya”, “Blak Out”, “Who’s That” with horns. Actually the entire record hangs together and flows as an album should, with cross-fades and spoken intros. Will be one of my favorites for 2017.