Pleased to announce the release of the new album from Jefferson Berry and his band of amazing players, the Urban Acoustic Coalition.  The new album, Double Deadbolt Logic is now going to radio, and the press have been raving.

“With their new album Double Deadbolt Logic, Jefferson Berry and the Urban Acoustic Coalition (UAC) deliver a solid mix of blues-tinged folk-rock songs that tell stories about everyday life that all of us can relate to quite easily.  With Double Deadbolt Logic, Jefferson Berry and The UAC have created an enjoyable listening experience that will have you singing along with the songs after just a few listens, which during these crazy times that we are all living through, is a distinctly laudable feat”.  AMERICANA HIGHWAYS

“Whether playing straight up folk, country, blues, jazz, rock or a combination of these, the musicianship on Double Deadbolt Logic is superb. This is a testimony to the fine musicians Berry has assembled for his project. Still, the best players in the world don’t matter at all if the songs aren’t there. Fortunately, Berry delivers here as well, offering up a dozen strong, varied tunes”.  BLINDED BY SOUND

Here is the video for “At the Festival” one of the songs receiving such praise.

Filling venues with a coalition of three to six players, UAC shows are dynamic performances of songs about the city, the good love/bad love and these strange times. Double Deadbolt Logic will release in June 2020 and continues Berry’s danceable style and contemporary point of view to a unique wing of Philadelphia’s local music scene.