Our appointments are designed to provide a direct, personal and focused discussion of your project and your circumstances. Over many years, I have found that the most constructive work is in conducting specific discussions with artists who are looking for unbiased reaction and honest dialogue about the art and the commerce. Someone to address the unique personality of your recordings, and exchange ideas about the marketing, distribution, and licensing of your songs to the most appropriate and effective audiences, both industry and consumer.

➢ Personal attention to your project, your questions, your experiences, and your ideas.

➢ Discussion of the new recordings, marketing plans, touring needs, licensing options.

➢ Develop strategies for media marketing. Radio promotion, press publicity, online.

➢ Serve as a reference source of industry history, current models and trending new opportunities.

➢ Provide access to industry professionals in recording, manufacturing, radio, press, retail, distribution, licensing, touring, contracts and legal.

What are the right choices for your music? Who is best qualified to make that decision? What musical and marketing paths are created by your songs and arrangements? How do you identify those channels and deliver your music to the proper programmers? And what do you do if they respond favorably? How does this translate to building an audience? These are the kinds of questions that you should be asking today.

With proper planning, relationships, finances, timing and lighting, and talent and luck, you can create your own recordings, market them globally on a playing field mostly equal, and be paid directly, promptly, and with the same accuracy as the artists at the top of the Billboard charts.

I bring a lifetime of music industry experience, both major label and independents, to my daily efforts to develop and sustain musician’s business models. Even with the tumultuous changes of the past ten years, a few basic principals remain. You still have to deliver a great song and a great performance, respect the basics of how to promote the songs, get on as many screens as the music will allow, and take a live performance to as many zip codes as the audience will allow.

Powerful terrestrial radio formats, digital delivery mediums, retail sales and marketing campaigns, fund raising and collections, and significant revenue streams are accessible to all artists.

iHeartRadio, TuneCore, Spotify, pledgemusic, TopSpin, Soundexchange, Vimeo and RoyaltyShare are all changing the way we do business, and putting more strength, and more results directly into the hands of the artist. Overdue of course, but happening now.

Thankfully, once again it is about serving the fans directly, creating industry impact independently, supporting touring as it continues to be the most important and most expensive component, securing radio and internet presence, licensing artists to labels of all shapes and sizes, making records, licensing music to film and TV, managing day to day artist’s business, and serving as a clearinghouse of information, links and referrals. That’s what I have done since starting Charterhouse Music Group, in 1990.

For artists working independently, the opportunity to have access to industry partners is better than ever, especially if you are organized, have a strategy, and are prepared to see it through.

If having someone to discuss your recording and business strategies is of value to your plans moving forward, please contact me at [email protected] for rates and appointments. I have an hourly phone discussion rate, multi-hour and monthly fees, and term project management services.